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Career Opportunities

Please take a look at the current job openings:

  1. Nursing & Allied Health

      1. Responsibilities:

        • Assist or chaperone during consultation
        • Doing registration, appointment and charges for outpatient in the systems
        • Communicate to patient, families and inter-department


        • Able to communicate English in well, Malay and other languages is the benefit
        • Able to work long hours if necessary
        • 22 years old and above

      2. Responsibilities:

        • Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the staffing and operations of the unit.
        • Teach, guide, coach and mentor nurses and other staff in the unit.
        • Performs the role of the Nursing Coordinator with oversight and ensuring smooth running of nursing and hospital operations.
        • Lead specific assignments/projects for the unit or Nursing Services.
        • Accountable for the performance outcomes of the unit.


        • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
        • Post-Basic Certificate in any Nursing Discipline
        • Has at least 10 years working experience

      3. Responsibilities:

        • Manage and ensure efficiency in day-to-day operations of Pharmacy department
        • Lead, train, supervise and evaluate the performance of Pharmacy staff, schedule and assign work and develop priorities, provide professional expertise as and when needed
        • Participate in the planning and budgeting for Pharmacy requirements
        • Maintain current knowledge of pharmaceutical, clinical pharmacy advances and government regulations related to Pharmacy
        • Maintains the standards of pharmacy practice within the Pharmacy Department.
        • Be involved in multi-disciplinary committees and teams where Pharmacy matters are discussed.
        • To co-ordinate and collaborate with other departments or sections for activities pertaining to Pharmacy Department.


        • Registered with the Malaysian Pharmacy Board.
        • Has worked for a minimum of one year in a hospital pharmacy.

      4. Responsibilities:

        • Assist the Pharmacist in the daily operations of the Pharmacy department


        • Diploma in Pharmacy
        • Work experience in hospital pharmacy

      5. Responsibilities:

        • To receive lab specimen from wards and clinics, to collect blood from others hospital, to prepare lab supplies and to manage lab clerical works


        • SPM
        • Male candidates preferred

      6. Responsibilities:

        • Provide direct and indirect professional nursing care to patients in the ICU
        • Perform skilfully monitoring of patients on various specialised equipment such as Ventilators, Respirators and Cardiac Monitors
        • Initiate and response to life-saving measures according to standard protocols.
        • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care.


        • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
        • Has at least 5 years working experience in the ICU
        • A Post-Basic in Intensive Care Nursing is preferred
        • Possess good communications, critical thinking and interpersonal skills

      7. Responsibilities:

        • Provide direct and indirect professional nursing care to patients in OT
        • Perform skilfully the various roles especially that of a Scrub and Circulating Nurse
        • Initiate and response to life-saving measures according to standard protocols.
        • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care


        • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
        • Has at least 5 years working experience in OT
        • Has performed the roles of a Scrub and Circulating Nurse
        • Has scrubbed for major surgeries especially Neuro, Cardiac and Complex surgeries
        • A Post-Basic in Perioperative Nursing is preferred

      8. Responsibilities:

        • The Midwife is responsible for rendering professional nursing care to patient’s pre-natal, intra partum and post – natal in the unit and shall be held accountable for the patient outcomes under her care.
        • Collect and contributes to a database (physiological, emotional, sociological, culture, psychological and spiritual needs) from available resources (e.g. Patient, family, Doctors’ notes and others.).
        • Assess and monitor normal pregnancies and to carry out examinations necessary for the monitoring of the development of normal pregnancies.
        • Identifies and document changes in labor status which interferes the patient and fetus condition which necessitates referral to the doctor.
        • Established nursing goals and patient expected outcomes based on the list of problem with patient, family and significant others.
        • Develops individualized nursing care plans based upon the problem list and plan intervention that follows established nursing protocols (e.g. Critical Pathways).
        • Care for and assist the patient during labor and monitor the condition of the fetus in the utero by the appropriate clinical and technical means.
        • Administers prescribed medication safely.
        • Conduct delivery in emergency situations.
        • Initiate immediate newborn resuscitation when necessary.
        • Assess situations for need of information or support during post – natal period.
        • Develop short – range teaching plans before discharge.
        • Implement teaching plans that are specific to the patient’s level of development and knowledge.
        • Support and reinforce the teaching plans of other health professionals.
        • Use line of authority and communication channel within the work setting appropriately.
        • Use communication skill as a method of data collection, nursing intervention and evaluation of care.
        • Document and records assessment, nursing care plans, interventions and evaluation accurately and promptly.
        • Establish and maintain effective communication with patient’s, families, significant others and health team member.
        • Evaluate effectiveness of one’s own communication with patients, colleagues and others.


        • Diploma in Nursing with Post basic in Midwifery.
        • Registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board.
        • Valid Annual Practicing Certificate.

      9. Responsibilities:

        • Greets and attends to patients in a courteous, polite and professional manner.
        • Uses the Nursing Process APIE (Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) framework to formulate and execute a holistic, individualized and personalized patient care; documents using relevant forms, charts or information system according to hospital practices and policies.
        • Conducts patient rounds with the Physician; carries out the Physician’s investigations, medications and treatment orders/ plans according to hospital practices and policies.
        • Collaborates with members of the nursing team, healthcare providers and support services to meet patient care needs; document and follow through or handover where required.
        • Identify and conduct patient/family health education needs where required.
        • Conducts basic physical examination, health assessment and orientation of patient on admission, transfer, every shift, pre/post operatively and as required; document findings as required
        • Checks patients’ well-being, safety and comfort regularly; keep bed area and room neat and tidy; promptly responds to patients’ call-bells and refer to other nursing staff members as needed.
        • Maintains patient confidentiality and rights according to hospital practices and policies.
        • Attends to patients’ basic comfort such as bed-making, hygiene, oral, body and skin care, positioning and mobilization etc.
        • Attends to patients’ basic needs such as food and electrolytes, elimination and output; monitors and records patients’ oral intake and output where required; schedule and monitor intravenous fluids/blood administration etc.
        • Performs tasks such as taking the patients’ weight, height, vital signs, SP02 and pain score; monitors trends and records in the patients’ clinical charts as required etc.
        • Collects patient’s blood, urine, sputum, wound and other body fluids specimens according to standards of practice and hospital procedures.
        • Performs clinical procedures such as blood glucose monitoring, wound dressings, removal of sutures/staples, care/removal of drains; care of intravenous lines; oro-pharyngeal and tracheostomy suctioning; application of splints, cervical collars; naso-gastric tube insertion; administration of oxygen therapy; insertion of urinary catheterization; bladder irrigation etc. Assists Physicians in clinical procedures where required.
        • Performs discipline or unit specific clinical procedures following relevant privileging and credentialing process as outlined by Nursing Services when posted to Operative, Emergency, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Endoscopy, Cardiology, Renal, Neonatology and Intensive Care Units.
        • Delegate or performs dispatch role; transport/collect medications, lab specimens , documents or equipment etc. from/to various departments in the hospital such as Pharmacy, Laboratory, Supplies Store or Administrative Office etc. where required.
        • Escalates matters/issues requiring attention to ward/unit’s nursing manager/coordinator or to a senior nursing staff member.
        • Keep current with skills and knowledge by attending relevant trainings, workshop, talks, seminars or conferences for professional growth and development.


        • Diploma in Nursing..
        • Registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board.
        • Valid Annual Practicing Certificate.

      10. Plans and carry out requested radiological examination or procedures using X-rays and other imaging modalities like ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). They work alone or at time closely with a team of medical personals involving Radiologist, radiology Nurse/Nurse Aide and Radiology Aide to carry out the diagnostic and therapeutic examination on patient. The work also involves assessing and monitoring the patient throughout the course of examination.

        • Perform variety of technical procedures that require independent judgment with ingenuity and initiative to apply prescribed ionizing radiation for radiological diagnosis.
        • Produce radiograph of highest quality/standard and of good diagnostic value at minimal cost.
        • Adhere strictly to rules and regulations on radiation protection to patient and staff.
        • Maintain proper care of the equipment and its related accessories to ensure uninterrupted service.
        • Ensure safety of patient before, during and after the procedures by providing the necessary care and constant monitoring of patient’s condition.
        • Record and fault/breakdown of equipment in the log book and report immediately to the Head of Radiology.
        • Provide 24 hours Radiological services as what being scheduled (on call).
        • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Head of Radiology.
        • To perform other added duty from time to time.


        • Posses at least a Diploma in Radiography or Diploma in Medical Imaging or equivalent.
        • Computer literate.
        • Fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Mandarin and other dialect is an added advantage.
        • At least 1 to 3 years of working experience in Medical Imaging or Radiography field.
        • Male Radiographer.

      11. Responsibilities:

        • To report daily to Head of Physiotherapy.
        • To undertake and record a through, sensitive and detailed assessment using appropriate technique and equipment.
        • To be professionally and legally accountable for all aspects of own work, including the management of patient.
        • To provide appropriate advice based on the patient’s medical social and cultural circumstances.
        • To formulate and deliver individual physiotherapy treatment programs and group exercise/ education program using clinical assessment and reasoning skills and evidence based information and protocols.
        • To formulate progress plans with their enabling them to achieve treatment goals and targets.
        • To take delegated responsibility from senior Head of Physiotherapy for managing particular patients within each rotation.
        • Initiate continuous quality activities in patient care within the department.
        • Assess patient’s understanding of treatment proposal, gain valid informed consent and have the capacity to work within a legal framework with patient who lack of capacity to consent to treatment.
        • Use a range of verbal and nonverbal communications methods to progress rehabilitation and treatment programmes. This will include patients who may have difficulties in understanding and communicating, e.g dysphasic, deaf, and blind, language barrier.
        • To be responsible for maintaining accurate, comprehensive, contemporaneous patient records in line with standards of practice and policies.
        • To liaise with outside agencies e.g. suppliers, social service, voluntary services and etc.
        • To assist in the supervision, training and development of support staff as appropriate.
        • Participate in the staff appraisal scheme as an appraise and be responsibility for complying with agreed personal developmental programme to meet set knowledge and competencies.
        • To comply with professional codes of practices, departmental and trust policies procedures and guidelines including health and safety requirements.
        • The jobholder must co-operate with all quality procedures designed by Head of Physiotherapy and Regency Specialist Hospital to ensure quality.
        • Co-workers, patients and all visitors must be treated equally irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion and etc.
        • The jobholder should respect patient confidentiality at all times and not divulge patient information unless sanctioned by the requirement of the role.
        • Should be available to provide on-call cover as required.


        • Recognized Degree/ Diploma in Physiotherapy.
        • At least 3 years of working experience in hospital Physiotherapy.

      12. Responsibilities:

        • Perform laboratory routine and on call duties.
        • Conform to laboratory policy and procedures.
        • Calibrate, operate and maintain the equipment and coordinate the workflow in the assigned section(s).
        • Ensure specimens submitted for investigation are in good quality and promptly analyzed with accurate result issued within promised laboratory turnaround time.
        • Handle test related issues with appropriate actions.
        • Perform, analyze and interpret the daily quality cornel and carry out corrective action if necessary.
        • Detect and identify the laboratory hazardous situations and initiate preventive measures.
        • Assist in the day activities of maintaining normal internal Laboratory services including acquisition of supplies, appropriate storage of reagents and equipment, as well as the disposal of waste material.
        • Communicate with internal or external doctor effectively on any abnormal finding or requesting blood supplies.
        • Assist Medical Laboratory Scientist (Grade 2) to achieve laboratory quality objectives.
        • Participate in the training of Junior Laboratory staff and other non-laboratory staff.
        • Improve and develop own professional knowledge continuously.
        • When required, attend meetings with departmental staff and other relevant staff to ensure smooth, operation and implementation of departmental objectives and work together to achieve and maintain the hospital’s accreditation.

        Other Duties:

        • Undertake other as assigned by the Head, Laboratory from time to time.
        • The staff shall be rotated to different sections as per assignment and the performance will be monitored monthly and documented.
        • To collect blood supplies from HAS/HIS during and after office hours when required.


        • Degree in Medical Laboratory Science/Technology or Biomedical Science.
        • At least 3 years of working experience in hospital Laboratory.

  2. Operations & Administration

      1. To manage the overall operations of the procurement and central store.

        • Forecasting levels of demand for services and products to meet the business needs and keeping a constant check on stock levels.
        • Conducting research to ascertain the best products and vendors in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality.
        • Develop cost reduction strategies in order to negotiate pricing as well as participate actively in vendor development and evaluation programs.
        • Liaising between vendors, contractors, outsource provider, relevant internal departments and customers.
        • Identifying potential vendor, visiting existing vendors, and building and maintaining good relationships with them.
        • Negotiating and agreeing contracts and monitoring their progress, checking the quality of service provided.
        • Keeping tender and contract files and using them as reference for the future.
        • Maximizing store space and revenue.
        • Ensures FIFO/FEFO issuance and sufficient inventory to support operation at all times.


        • Degree in Business or related field.
        • Minimum 5 years in similar position as Procurement Manager. Prior work experience in a healthcare/pharmaceutical organization will be an advantage.
        • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
        • Strong analytical and good negotiation skills.
        • Good problem-solving skills.
        • Good computer knowledge and familiar with Microsoft Office application and other computer systems.

      2. Provide administrative support to Head of Department in respect of medical affairs work (including legal administration).

        • Ensure medical affair administrative work is in compliance to the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 & Regulations 2006 and other laws and regulations related to hospital/healthcare.
        • Consistent up-to-date for electronic filing (e-filing) and manual filing.
        • Prompt follow through on the administration of Doctors’ Onboarding Experience.
        • Prompt liaison with statutory authorities – National Specialist Register; Malaysian Medical Council; Medical Practicing Division, Ministry of Health and others.
        • Prompt follow through on the administration documentation of hospital license renewal and other licenses.
        • Prompt submission of assigned reports, minutes or correspondence.
        • Tactful and diplomatic handling of doctors’ affairs/matters.
        • Work closely and effectively with staff from other departments/unit to complete assigned tasks.
        • Practice consistent and effective office housekeeping in the course of work in the department.
        • Diligently provide related date/report related to hospital accreditation [ISO 9001:2008 and Malaysian Society Quality in Health (MSQH)], quality procedures and work instructions.
        • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Head of Department related to medical affairs.


        • Possess a general degree from a university recognized by the Malaysian Government.
        • Minimum 3 years of working experience.
        • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.
        • Diligent, matured, uphold company’s core values, high emotion quotient, versatile, humble.
        • Willing to work after official working hours, off/rest day, public holiday, if needed, to complete assigned work.

      3. Responsibilities:

        • Contributing to the organisational goal of Best Practice Health and Safety management.
        • Coordinating implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management plan and monitoring compliance with the plan.
        • Ensure the company is in compliance with local laws and regulations, e.g. DOSH, DOE, Ministry of Health, BOMBA and other regulatory bodies as required.
        • Conduct Hazards Identification Risk Assessment (HIRARC) of workplaces and implement Risk Controls.
        • Maintaining a register of accidents and injuries and provide an analysis of these to Health and Safety Committee on a monthly basis, identifying emerging OHS risks in the workplace.
        • Function as Secretary to the Occupational Safety and Health Committee as per regulation.
        • Organize and Coordinate the Hospital Emergency Response Team (ERT) and drills.
        • Developing training programs on health and safety issues including hazard management, accident investigation, manual handling and fire safety in liaison with the Staff Development and Training Coordinator to ensure such activities are incorporated in the Training Master Plan.
        • Maintain a record of training delivered in the Training Register.
        • Foster and develop an OH&S Culture across the organization.
        • Ensure workplace inspections compliance.
        • Coordinate & Conduct OHS system audits to ensure compliance to OHS system and policies and report outcomes to OSH Committee and Top Management.
        • Monitor and assess health and safety compliance throughout the organization in accordance with legislative and standards changes.
        • Encourage employees to choose practices that will contribute to a safer work environment.
        • Provision of audit reports to management.
        • Review audit/non audit action requests and determine trends.
        • Maintain audit documentation and records.
        • Assist Managers on implementing new initiatives where required outcomes are not being achieved.
        • Coordinate on development and implementation of policies, procedures and work instructions.
        • Review and contribute to Safety policy and procedure.
        • Ensure that all the Occupational Safety & Health guidelines under MSQH, JCI, ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001) are complied accordingly.
        • 5-1/2 days working schedule.


        • Posses at least a Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.
        • Minimum 3 years of working experience.

      4. Responsibilities:

        • Support – Maintain, troubleshoot and communicate issue status and final resolution to end users. Work with product management, business analysts and engineers to resolve issues, as required. Answer questions, resolve issues with software applications and escalate or close tickets as necessary.
        • SDLC Project Management – Understand the full software development process from requirements through delivery and support. Effectively utilize company collaboration applications to ensure excellent communications. Thoroughly document and communicate all tasks assigned.
        • Software Testing – Perform successful system testing and verify complete user acceptance testing before code is approved for deployment to production.
        • Documentation – Produce artifacts including test cases, test results and system/operations guides and release notes.
        • Change Management – Ensure project compliance to ePlus Change Management processes. Coordinate the resolution of software defects as part of the QA and Change Management process.
        • Audits – Ensure all requests for access audits are responded to in a timely fashion and recorded and maintained.
        • Environments – Back up of specified IT environments such as QA, Test and Production for Custom Applications.
        • Release Management – Assist with deployments from Source Control to QA to Test to Production.


        • Bachelor Degree in IT / Computer Science.

      5. The successful candidate will handle day-to-day IT computer room operation and be required to provide support to corporate users by resolving issues encountered in their use of IT.

        • To assist in IT Infrastructure management (including network security).
        • Perform server administration, maintenance and backups.
        • Provide technical support for end users.
        • Maintain IT inventory and supplies.
        • Update procedure and various documentation.
        • Evaluate and propose technology for improvement.
        • Needs to be on call.


        • Minimum Diploma or Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or other related fields.
        • At least 2 years of working experience in providing IT support, PC installation and troubleshooting.
        • Good knowledge in computer networking (VLANs), hardware (PC, printers), software & security.
        • Familiar with Windows scripting and web technology.
        • End-user oriented with good interpersonal skills.

      6. To assist that all procurement transactions are conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner. To abide by the guidelines as set by the Procurement Department.

        • Assisting and supporting the Procurement Executive & Procurement Manager in the Procurement Department.
        • Follow-up, register, updating and maintaining an approved vendor list.
        • Receive Purchase Requisition from end-user and source minimum 3 quotations for check and balance purpose. For sole supplier, 1 quotation can be acceptable.
        • Plan and purchase general supplies according request and material planning.
        • Ensure the Purchase Requisition, Service Requisition, CAPEX and Purchase Order is approved by the Management.
        • Monitoring the timely delivery of all the goods purchase with vendors.
        • Maintain and update all the purchase records.
        • Maintain the highest standard of professionalism when conducting purchasing transaction with suppliers/vendor and internal staff.
        • Investigate and take corrective action on the mistake to prevent reoccurrence.
        • Involved in Cost saving activity.
        • Plan and co-ordinate with Central Store to plan on delivery schedule.
        • Responsible for the administration activities, filing system in the Procurement Department.
        • Responsible to lead and train for junior staff.
        • Implement and maintain safe work habit and good housekeeping practice.

        Other Duties:

        • Ensure to follow the Accreditation procedure, ISO9001:2008, MSQH.
        • Responsible on department performance report / KRA and KPI.
        • Responsible for carrying out any other additional job duties that may be given as and when it may arise by the Management.


        • Diploma or Professional Certificate in Business Administration / Purchasing or equivalent.
        • Must be a Malaysian citizen or hold relevant Malaysian residence status.
        • At least fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu.
        • Computer literate and familiar with MS Office Application.
        • At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
        • Self motivated with positive work attitude.

      7. To ensure that all transactions are conducted and administered within established guidelines as set by the Central Store.

        • Responsible in receiving goods, issuance goods to wards and departments based on the requisition.
        • Verify receiving goods against purchase orders or packing lists and count and inspect goods for damage or defects.
        • Work closely with other functional units, sections or departments to ensure optimal contribution by Central Store.
        • Ensure the goods are issued to end-user efficiently to support the daily operation of RSH.
        • Responsible to replenish “top up” the quantity require by department units.
        • Select proper storage areas at all the time and ensure all the materials are stored in a disciplined, orderly and secure.
        • Responsible for the labels are printed correctly and properly fix on the chargeable goods. The labels must clearly identify by bar code and description.
        • Responsible for the “First in First Out” (FIFO) system, which means priority issued the goods with shorter expiry date.
        • Keep the store, work station clean, neat and tidy all the times.
        • Any other duties/projects that may be assigned by immediate superior as and when required.


        • SPM holder with fast pace warehouse environment.
        • Working experience in hospital/healthcare environment is essential.
        • Able to work on Saturday and on call basis to support warehouse operations needs.
        • Able to carry out at least 2kg box at a time.

      8. Responsibilities:

        • Perform transactional checking data entry and liaise with insurance company and inter-departments work colleagues.
        • Compilation and verifications on paper documents.
        • Follow up closely all pending payments status and provide status updates and progression follow up.


        • Attention to details.
        • Customer centric.
        • Good communication skill.
        • Able to perform transactional records / paperwork.
        • Present personality


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