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In Regency Specialist Hospital, healthcare is at the heart of what we do. You will work alongside talented professionals to make a difference to the community. We continually encourage and support your professional development through ongoing learning opportunities to help you reach your utmost potential.

If you are a high-calibre and dynamic individual with a strong passion for service, join Regency. Be a part of our growing Regency team to serve in the community with care and excellence.

Career Opportunities

Please take a look at the current job openings:

  • Nursing & Allied Health

    1. Responsibilities:

      • Greets and attends to patients in a courteous, polite and professional manner.
      • Uses the Nursing Process APIE (Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) framework to formulate and execute a holistic, individualized and personalized patient care; documents using relevant forms, charts or information system according to hospital practices and policies.
      • Conducts patient rounds with the Physician; carries out the Physician’s investigations, medications and treatment orders/ plans according to hospital practices and policies
      • Maintains patient confidentiality and rights according to hospital practices and policies.
      • Attends to patients’ basic comfort such as bed-making, hygiene, oral, body and skin care, positioning and mobilization etc.
      • Attends to patients’ basic needs such as food and electrolytes, elimination and output; monitors and records patients’ oral intake and output where required; schedule and monitor intravenous fluids/blood administration etc.


      • Diploma in Cardiovascular Technology / Diploma in Nursing.
      • Has at least 2 years working experience in Invasive Cardiac Laboratory Department.
      • Possesses basic understanding of key body systems, skin biology, anatomy and cosmetic chemistry.
      • Valid Annual Practicing Certificate.

    2. Responsibilities:

      • Meets patient’s goals and needs and provides quality care by conducting pulmonary function tests; assessing and interpreting evaluations and test results; determining respiratory therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians and by prescription.
      • Helps patient accomplish treatment plan and supports life by administering inhalants; operating mechanical ventilators, therapeutic gas administration apparatus, environmental control systems, and aerosol generators.
      • Administers respiratory therapy treatments by performing bronchopulmonary drainage; assisting with breathing exercises; monitoring physiological responses to therapy, such as vital signs, arterial blood gases, and blood chemistry changes; directing treatments given by aides, technicians and assistants.
      • Evaluates effects of respiratory therapy treatment plan by observing, noting, and evaluating patient’s progress; recommending adjustments and modifications.
      • Completes discharge planning by consulting with physicians, nurses, social workers, and other health care workers; contributing to patient care conferences.
      • Assures continuation of therapeutic plan following discharge by designing home exercise programs; instructing patients, families, and caregivers in home exercise programs; recommending and/or providing assistive equipment; recommending outpatient or home health follow-up programs.


      • Bedside Manner, Physiological Knowledge, Infection Control, Health Promotion and Maintenance, creating a Safe, Effective Environment, Informing Others, Verbal Communication, Medical Teamwork, Judgment, Procedural Skills;
      • People Skills
      • Enjoys challenges, solution focused and able to keep up with a fast pace environment;
      • Possess good communication skills in English.

    3. Responsibilities:

      • Manage and ensure efficiency in day-to-day operations of Pharmacy department
      • Lead, train, supervise and evaluate the performance of Pharmacy staff, schedule and assign work and develop priorities, provide professional expertise as and when needed
      • Participate in the planning and budgeting for Pharmacy requirements
      • Maintain current knowledge of pharmaceutical, clinical pharmacy advances and government regulations related to Pharmacy
      • Maintains the standards of pharmacy practice within the Pharmacy Department.
      • Be involved in multi-disciplinary committees and teams where Pharmacy matters are discussed.
      • To co-ordinate and collaborate with other departments or sections for activities pertaining to Pharmacy Department.


      • Registered with the Malaysian Pharmacy Board.
      • Has worked for a minimum of one year in a hospital pharmacy.

    4. Responsibilities:

      • To receive lab specimen from wards and clinics, to collect blood from others hospital, to prepare lab supplies and to manage lab clerical works


      • SPM
      • Male candidates preferred

    5. Responsibilities:
      • Provide direct and indirect professional nursing care to patients with various types of illness or trauma requiring emergency attention
      • Able to recognize and effectively treat various life-threatening conditions
      • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care


      • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
      • Has at least 5 years working experience in the Emergency Unit
      • A Post-Basic in Emergency/Trauma Nursing is preferred
      • Possess good communications, critical thinking and interpersonal skills

    6. Responsibilities:
      • Provide direct and indirect professional nursing care to patients in the ICU
      • Perform skilfully monitoring of patients on various specialised equipment such as Ventilators, Respirators and Cardiac Monitors
      • Initiate and response to life-saving measures according to standard protocols.
      • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care.


      • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
      • Has at least 5 years working experience in the ICU
      • A Post-Basic in Intensive Care Nursing is preferred
      • Possess good communications, critical thinking and interpersonal skills

    7. Responsibilities:

      • Perform and validate medical laboratory test, Biochemistry ,Haematology , Blood Bank ,Microbiology and Histopathology.


      • Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology
      • With working experiences in medical laboratory

    8. Responsibilities:

      • Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the staffing and operations of the unit.
      • Teach, guide, coach and mentor nurses and other staff in the unit.
      • Performs the role of the Nursing Coordinator with oversight and ensuring smooth running of nursing and hospital operations.
      • Lead specific assignments/projects for the unit or Nursing Services.
      • Accountable for the performance outcomes of the unit.


      • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
      • Post-Basic Certificate in any Nursing Discipline
      • Has at least 10 years working experience

    9. Responsibilities:

      • Provide direct and indirect professional nursing care to patients in OT
      • Perform skilfully the various roles especially that of a Scrub and Circulating Nurse
      • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care


      • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
      • Has at least 5 years working experience in OT
      • Has performed the roles of a Scrub and Circulating Nurse
      • Has scrubbed for major surgeries especially Neuro, Cardiac and Complex surgeries
      • A Post-Basic in Perioperative Nursing is preferred

    10. Responsibilities:

      • Assist surgeon to conduct cardiopulmonary bypass for open heart surgery
      • Sets up and operates heart-lung machine
      • Monitors and observes operation of heart-lung machine during surgery


      • Diploma in Nursing / Degree in Science
      • Cardiovascular Science (Perfusionist) (Compulsory)
      • Able to speak English

    11. Responsibilities:

      • Assist the Pharmacist in the daily operations of the Pharmacy department


      • Diploma in Pharmacy
      • Work experience in hospital pharmacy

    12. Responsibilities:

      • To collect blood specimens from patients using finger pricks, heel pricks and venipuncture at the laboratory blood collection area as well as the wards /units /department if requested.
      • To bleed donor and performs stop bleeding during blood donation procedures if requested.
      • To label specimens for identification purposes and registers patient request into computer.
      • To maintain inventories and requisition medical laboratory supplies; stocks works as needed.
      • To prepare general supplies such as gauze and cotton balls.
      • To maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the work areas; washes the laboratory apparatus as needed.
      • To dispatch, collect report and specimens within hospital as well as outside hospital.
      • To perform other duties as directed.


      • SPM as basic qualification

    13. Responsibilities:

      • Provides direct and individualised professional nursing care to patients in the inpatient setting.
      • Collaborates with fellow nursing colleagues, physicians and other healthcare personnel to deliver safe and quality patient care.
      • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care.


      • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
      • Has at least 2 years working experience

    14. Responsibilities:

      • Collaborate with fellow nurses, physicians and other healthcare personnel to deliver safe and quality patient care.
      • Teach, guide, coach and mentor junior and new nurses to the unit.
      • Assist the Nurse Manager to manage staff and operational unit matters.
      • Perform the role of the Nursing Coordinator with oversight nursing and hospital operations.
      • Accountable for ongoing assessment, evaluation and documentation components of the Nursing Process to provide efficient and effective nursing care.


      • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
      • Has at least 5 years working experience
      • A Post-Basic Certificate is preferred

      Operations & Administration

    15. Responsibilities:
      • MAF administrative tasks(Including legal administrative).
      • Assistant to MAF Manager.
      • Meeting deadline of assigned tasks for above mentioned scope.
      • Ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.


      • Degree (Business / Management / Accounting / HR)
      • Proficiency In English; good writing skill
      • Good EQ, communication skill, matured personality and able to liaise with senior doctors

    16. Responsibilities:
      • To performing rate calculations and for product and cost estimates.
      • Providing financial analysis to evaluate programs, products costing, comparing actual cost to estimates and identifying reasons for variances.
      • Verifying data relevant to cost accounting and margin analysis.
      • Input data in an accurate and timely manner into system.


      • Degree/Relevant Professional in Mathematics or Similar Discipline.

      • In-charge of overall daily operation of Regency Aesthetic Service.
      • Provide Aesthetic procedures and other related services with understanding, knowledge and courtesy.


      • Provide expert advice to clients with regard to skin. Conduct basic skin analysis and advise clients about their skin conditions.
      • Provide a range of non-medical treatment customized to a client’s needs.
      • Recommend appropriate products and after-care handling that address specific conditions.
      • Possess in-depth knowledge of various beauty products, their ingredients and how these ingredients can affect the clients.
      • Assist doctor in Pre and Post aesthetic procedures.
      • Selling and providing advice on skincare products.
      • Ensure patient appointments slots are efficiently utilized.
      • Attend to telephone enquiries and all enquiries at reception counter.
      • Work closely with doctors on appointment scheduling.
      • Carry out appointment reminder.
      • Follow up with client after each procedure, compile feedback and escalate to doctor when necessary.
      • Ensure the record of routine maintenance and service are properly kept.
      • Maintain an inventory list of all medical equipment, vendor information, service schedule, warranty details and other related information within department.
      • Coordinate with Bio Medical Department on deliver, maintenance and service of aesthetic equipment.
      • Prepare and maintain record of various reports as needed in day-to-day administrative tasks.
      • Maintain and replenish inventory timely.
      • Work with Health Screening Center doctors and management to plan and implement new aesthetic services, including promotion and introduction of new equipment / procedure.
      • Work closely with Marketing Department on plans to increase patient volume.


      • Possess beauty related training from reputable institution.
      • Possess basic understanding of key body systems, skin biology, anatomy and cosmetic chemistry.
      • Computer literate.
      • Good communication skills.
      • Ability to work efficiently and calmly under pressure.

    17. Responsibilities:
      • Perform transactional checking data entry and liaise with insurance company and inter-departments work colleagues.
      • Compilation and verifications on paper documents.
      • Follow up closely all pending payments status and provide status updates and progression follow up.


      • Attention to details.
      • Customer centric.
      • Good communication skill.
      • Able to perform transactional records / paperwork.
      • Present personality

    18. Responsibilities:
      • To accommodate the utilization of beds for the hospital admissions.
      • Ensure all required office equipment are switched on and functioning properly.
      • To handle bed bookings and allocating accordingly.


      • Need good communication skill
      • SPM and above
      • At least 1 year experience in clinical or customer service

      • Coordinates the operations activities of the Clinics and provides support to the Doctors and Management.

      Job Duties & Responsibilities:

      • Responsible for completing required system training and staying current on all updates/changes to standards, policies, and processes.
      • Directly supervises or assists in the supervisory function of 5-10 clinic assistant employees in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.
      • Responsibilities include coordinating, training, appraising performance; rewarding the employees, and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
      • Provides training to clinic assistant staff as directed by Management.
      • Assigns duties to clinic assistant and observes performance to ensure adherence to company standards, policies and established operating procedures.
      • Assists in scheduling clinic assistant personnel within budget guidelines to assure adequate staffing.
      • Performs functions of clinic management as scheduled by Management.
      • Maintains accurate records including stocks, work schedule, claims, payments, registration and etc records are accurate.
      • Assist to solve and mediate conflicts and arguments among patients and doctors.
      • Assists Nursing Manager in conducting staff meetings.
      • Other duties as assigned.

      Education, Experience, Licensure & Certification:

      • One-year certificate from college or technical school and six months to one year related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

      Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

      • Requires the ability to read, write, and speak the English language. Strong supervisory skills; ability to appropriately assign/delegate work and authority to others in the accomplishment of goals; provides coaching, advice, and assistance as required; helps subordinates overcome obstacles and deal with problems; appropriately assesses contributions and performance of employees; provides appropriate recognition, and deals with problems as they arise.
      • Instills in others a sense of pride in the job at hand. Ability to demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness, monitors own work to ensure quality and applies feedback to improve performance.
      • Ability to manage difficult guest situations; responds promptly to guest needs, solicits guest feedback to improve service, responds to requests for service and assistance and meets commitments.
      • Excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrated positive customer service skills, and ability to relate to people of varying ages and backgrounds.
      • Ability to show flexibility in response to change and adapt to and accommodate new methods and procedures.
      • Knowledge of safety management principles; federal and state OSHA regulations.
      • Ability to present and express ideas and information clearly and concisely in a manner appropriate to audience, whether oral or written.
      • The ability to foster commitment, team spirit and trust.

    19. Responsibilities:
      • Assist or chaperone during consultation
      • Doing registration, appointment and charges for outpatient in the systems
      • Communicate to patient, families and inter-department


      • Able to communicate English in well, Malay and other languages is the benefit
      • Able to work long hours if necessary
      • 22 years old and above

    20. Responsibilities:
      • Respond to guest requests for special arrangements or services (e.g., transportation, wheel chair, and etc).
      • Respond to special requests from guests with unique needs and follow up to ensure satisfaction. Gather, summarize, and provide information to guests about the property and the surrounding area amenities, including special events and activities.
      • Answer, record, and process all guest calls, messages, requests, questions, or concerns.
      • Contact appropriate individual or department (e.g., Health Screen Centre, Laboratory, Wards) as necessary to resolve guest call, request, or problem.
      • Report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager; and complete safety training and certifications.


      • Follow all company policies and procedures, ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional, maintain confidentiality of proprietary information, and protect company assets. Welcome and acknowledge all guests according to company standards, anticipate and address guests’ service needs, assist individuals with disabilities, and thank guests with genuine appreciation. Speak with others using clear and professional language, prepare and review written documents accurately and completely, and answer telephones using appropriate etiquette.
      • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others, support team to reach common goals, and listen and respond appropriately to the concerns of other employees.
      • Comply with quality assurance expectations and standards.
      • Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time or for an entire work shift.
      • Move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 10 pounds.
      • Perform other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors.

    21. Responsibilities:
      • Is responsible for carrying out the duties specified in handling linen and laundry
      • To collect and distribute linen to and from all wards and clinics
      • To deliver linens neatly on the shelves in the ward linen store and the designation position must be arranged according each type of linen
      • To mend or sew torn linen as and when required
      • To make the bed and cleaning at Doctor’s Lounge


      • SPM

    22. Responsibilities:
      • Shall be responsible for the results of general practitioner segment.
      • Maintain good relationship with doctor.
      • Increase general practitioner referral.
      • Create general practitioner events.


      • Degree / Diploma in Marketing or related discipline
      • Good sales and marketing track record minimum of 5 years
      • Familiar with services industry especially healthcare industry

    23. Responsibilities:
      • Providing administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient administrator operations.
      • To update, record and counter check patient diet ticket daily.
      • To take diet orders from patient and liaised with ward for any changes .
      • Serve diet (breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner) to inpatients.


      • SPM or equivalent education level
      • Minimum 1 year experience as a food services crew

    24. Responsibilities:
      • To create and maintain a quality Portering service to the agreed specification.
      • To ensure that all Portering duties are undertaken to the specified standard at all times as per the work routines.
      • Adhere to company policies, local agreements, site specific regulations at all times.
      • Maintain health & safety standards.
      • Ensure that the privacy and dignity of Patients is respected at all times.


      • Candidate must possess at least a Primary / Secondary School / “O” level, any field.
      • Must have experience as a Hospital Porter or be very keen to learn.

    25. Responsibilities:
      • To ensure that all procurement transaction are conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner.
      • To abide by the guidelines as set by the Procurement Department.


      • Degree holder or purchasing related experience courses

    26. Responsibilities:
      • To carry out security services, safe and secure workplace


      • SPM
      • Ex-Service Army

    27. Responsibilities:
      • To ensure that all transactions are conducted and administered within established guidelines as set by the Central Store.
      • Receiving goods, issuance goods to wards and departments based on the requisition.


      • SPM and above

    28. Responsibilities:
      • To drive company vehicles.
      • To check all vehicles as per inspection checklist before using them.
      • To properly record transport activities in the mileage log books at the end of shift.
      • To ensure vehicle to be used are clean and road worthy.
      • To drive staff and clients of RSH to the required destinations as requested.
      • To parked vehicles at the designated parking space at RSH.
      • Any other duties that may assigned from time to time.


      • Minimum PMR.

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