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Admission & Discharge

Thank you for choosing Regency Specialist Hospital (Regency) as your trusted healthcare partner.

In the following sections, you will find pertinent information relating to the admission process at Regency. We hope that this will serve as a useful guide as you prepare to make arrangements for your admission to our hospital.


Pre-Admission and Registration

Inpatient admission to the hospital is permissible only upon the recommendation of a doctor. The attending doctor will first fill up an Admission Notice Form (ANF). The patient will then have to proceed to our Registration Counter and present the completed form to the attending registration staff.

You will then fill up the Admission Counselling Form (ACF). At this time, please highlight any known allergies to the registration staff who will provide you with the estimated costs of the particular suggested treatment(s) and determines the amount of deposit required. You will be issued a receipt.

All admissions require a guarantor (21 years and above) to sign a letter of undertaking. In addition, the patient (if physically and mentally able) shall be requested to sign a letter of undertaking. A photocopy of the Identity Card (IC) of both guarantor and patient will be required.

Please submit the forms to our registration staff to help finalise the registration process.

Corporate Patients
Patients with Corporate Accounts under Regency Specialist Hospital should submit their admission forms together with the guarantee letter for registration. A deposit will be collected should the total procedure cost exceed that of the guarantee amount or should there be additional entitlement requested by the patient.

Insured Patients
Patients must provide their insurance cards when submitting their admission forms for verification.

Your Hospital Stay

Upon completion of your admission to Regency Specialist Hospital, you will be accompanied to your room by a hospital representative.

Patient Identification
A patient identification tag will be given to you upon admission. Kindly check that your personal information is accurate. You are required to wear the tag at all times.

Personal Items
We recommend that you bring along some personal items such as pyjamas, slippers and toiletries.

Valuable Items
We strongly advice patients to avoid bringing any valuable items such as jewellery, excessive cash, hand phones and laptops. If you have any valuable items during admission, please ask your relatives to take them home or store it securely. The hospital shall not assume any responsibility should the items get missing within the hospital premises.

Doctor Ward Rounds
The attending doctor shall review your condition daily. We encourage you to inform the doctor if you have further discomfort or if you are unclear about your diagnosis or treatment plan.

Nurses Call Services
Our nurses are available 24/7 for you. All beds are fitted with a nurse call buzzer which you can use to contact the nurses on duty should you need any assistance at any time.

Food Service
A hospital dietician works closely with our chef to ensure your dietary needs are met. All meals are halal, and vegetarian meals are available upon request.

No Smoking
Smoking is strictly prohibited on hospital premises by law. For the benefit of our patients and visitors, please help us maintain a smoke-free environment.


Doctors will certify discharge during their ward rounds. For your safety, it is advisable that a relative or friend accompany you home.

Kindly allow us to have approximately two hours to process the final bill and to prepare the medication. For patients covered by insurance, additional time will be required to process the discharge.


Please note that if your room stay extends beyond 12.00pm on the day of your discharge, you are liable to pay one day of the room charges.

Before you leave, please make sure that you have:

Financial Arrangements

Interim bills are available during the admission period. For updates on patient bills, please contact our registration personnel to discuss any financial arrangements. All medical bills must be fully settled prior to your discharge from Regency Specialist Hospital.

All payments are acceptable by cash, credit card, charge card, bank draft or direct transfer (TT).