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About Making an Appointment

What to bring for your Appointment?
On your first visit to Regency Specialist Hospital, kindly bring along the following original documents for registration:

Arriving for your Appointment
You may be advised to come earlier before the appointment time, depending on the medical speciality.This will allow for investigation procedures prior to your consultation with the specialist doctor.

On arriving at Regency, kindly proceed to the registration counter where you will be advised on the next step.

After Consultation
Please proceed to make your payment at the counter. Our counter staff will help you to fix your next appointment if necessary.

If you are prescribed medication, kindly collect your medication from Regency Pharmacy [1] located at the ground floor. Our registered pharmacist will offer instructions on the proper usage of medicine.

Make your Appointment 

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Online Form

To make an appointment with Regency Specialist Hospital, please kindly fill up the form. Please allow 24 to 72 hours (working days) for us to respond to your appointment request.

For emergency cases, please proceed to our 24-hour Emergency Specialist Centre.