Patient’s Guide to Using Medisave for Overseas Treatments

Medisave can be used for:

  • Medically necessary hospitalization for treatment, which can be medical or surgical
  • Day surgery for treatment
  • Gastroscopy if there are symptoms of gastric pain, bleeding motion and if there is likelihood of treatment e.g. ulcer treatment, polypectomy, piles ligation, colitis
  • Colonoscopy if there are symptoms of change in bowel movement, abdomen pain, bleeding motion and if there is likelihood of treatment e.g. ulcer treatment, polypectomy, piles ligation
  • Angiogram if there is likelihood of treatment e.g. balloon/stent.

Medisave cannot be used for:

  • Outpatient treatment charges e.g. consultations for cough and cold, except for certain approved outpatient treatments
  • Health screening
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery, unless these procedures are done for medical conditions
  • Charges for medical reports and ambulance services
  • Expenditure on purchases of equipment, devices, prostheses and appliances which are not implanted e.g. wheelchairs and beds
  • Expenditure on telephone, telex, fax, laundry of personal clothing, and any other expenditure which are deemed as private expenses of the patient
  • Expenses incurred on employing private nurses
  • Expenses incurred by the patient’s companions in the hospital.

Singaporeans and PRs who normally reside in Singapore can use their Medisave for their own treatment overseas. They may use their Medisave to pay medical expenses of their immediate family members such as spouse, parents or children, if these family members are Singaporeans/PRs or long-term visit pass holders who normally reside in Singapore.

  1. Call the Medisave Hotline (+65 6334 7283) to make an appointment; walk-ins are not encouraged.
  2. Go to the Medisave-accredited Health Management International (HMI) Patient Service Centre at Balestier Clinic, 221 Balestier Road, #03-04, in Singapore.

a. Patient must physically visit HMI Patient Service Centre and will be advised during appointment-making to bring along the following:

    • NRIC and Passport or birth certificate
    • Latest CPF/Singpass statement, if using own Medisave
    • Proof of residence in Singapore e.g. IRAS Income Tax Statement or Bill Statement with Singapore address (if applicable)
    • Work Permit/Employment Pass/S Pass/Student Visa (if applicable)
    • Long Term Visit Pass on Passport (if applicable)
    • GP or Specialist medical referral note stating the treatment required (if no medical referral note, make an appointment with HMI Patient Service Centre doctor to review medical condition)

b. Medisave account holder (only spouse, parent, or child of patient) to accompany (if applicable), and bring along:

    • NRIC and Passport
    • Marriage certificate or birth certificate
    • Latest CPF/Singpass statement

c. Deposit is required

d. Pay Medisave processing fee and administration fee

3. At Regency Specialist Hospital, bring along admission documents and submit them to the registration counter while registering:

    • Financial Counseling Form
    • Medisave Letter of Authorization
    • Letter of Certificate

4. At HMI Patient Service Centre, patient representatives will submit documents to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) for Medisave deduction and refund any extra deposit or collect any outstanding amount

Please note: Referral documents from HMI Patient Service Centre must be received before any treatment or admission is carried out for patients who want to use Medisave. Patients must personally go through the pre-clinical assessment, Medisave counseling and financial counseling, and obtain the designated doctor’s signature on HMI Patient Service Centre memo.

The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has appointed local partners in Singapore so as to give an assurance of quality and prevent abuse, such as claims for unnecessary treatments, or fraudulent claims. The Medisave-accredited local referral centres must provide a pre-clinical assessment to certify the patient’s condition and necessity of medical treatment. The referral centres are accountable for patient satisfaction, and the local doctors are also responsible for any follow-up care the patient may need.

Patients who have been admitted without approval from HMI Patient Service Centre will need to wait for their discharge from hospital before trying to claim Medisave. The attending doctor can write a medical note to state that the hospital admission is on an emergency basis. The patient then has to write in to Singapore Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board for Medisave deduction. Patients may call HMI Patient Service Centre for further assistance.

You may spend the same Medisave limit as that in Singapore; the amount that can be used also depends on the treatment you are seeking.

Medisave covers up to:

  • S$450 a day for in-patient hospitalizations
  • A fixed limit per table of surgical procedures (varying between S$250 and S$7,550 depending on the procedures).

All the Medisave coverage in Singapore will apply when used overseas, subject to conditions set by the Singapore Ministry of Health to Medisave-accredited providers such as HMI Patient Service Centre. Currently, these are the in-patient expenses that can be covered by Medisave:

  1. Daily ward charges, including meal charges and ICU;
  2. In-patient charges for doctor’s fees, medical treatment, investigations, medicines, rehabilitative services, medical supplies, implants and prostheses introduced during surgery;
  3. Surgical operations, including the use of operating theatres

  • Cataract operation
  • Delivery
  • Gallstone removal
  • Heart vessel stenting
  • Kidney stones ultrasonic disintegration or operation
  • Hysterectomy
  • Inguinal hernia operation
  • Slipped disc operation
  • Total knee/hip replacement
  • Varicose veins removal

Your Medisave can only be used to pay for the medical expenses incurred by you, the Medisave account holder, and your immediate family such as spouse, parents or children, and as long as they reside in Singapore. You can also claim for your grandparents, but they must be Singaporeans/PRs who reside in Singapore.

The Singapore Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board may or may not approve the Medisave submission claim. It may not be 100% claimable.



For further information, please refer to HMI Patient Service Centre:
Address: 221 Balestier Road #03-04 ROCCA Balestier, Singapore 329928
Hotline: +65 6334 7283 (Dial OK MEDI SAVE)