Q1: How will I know which specialist to see?

Regency Specialist Hospital has a nurse counselling counter where patients can seek advice. This service is free of charge and the nurse will then direct the patient to a specialist who will assist in the proper treatment of care.

Q2: Can I seek treatment at the hospital without a medical appointment?

It is best to schedule appointments before your arrival to minimise delay and inconvenience.

Q3: What do I need to bring with me on admission?

You must bring along all relevant information on your medical condition, including X-rays, medical history/records. If you are taking any medication, please bring these along and hand them to the Nurse In Charge, who should also be informed if you suffer from any allergies.

Q4: My family is accompanying me for my medical treatment. Where can they stay?

Inform our patient representatives at HMI Patient Service Centre that your family will be travelling with you. We will make the necessary accommodation arrangements that suit your budget.


Q5: How much does it cost to seek treatment at Regency Specialist hospital?

The average inpatient and outpatient bills are RM 4,011 and RM 230 respectively.

Q6: How do I make my payment?

The hospitals accept payment by cash, credit card, charge card, bank draft or direct transfers (TT).

Q7: My questions are not listed here, what can I do? 

If we have not answered your questions, please contact us at:  +607 381 7700  or email info@regenecyspecialist.com.