Job summary

Handle all patient medical records in areas such as progress notes and retrieve medical records of patient on daily basis.


  • SPM or Diploma in Medical Secretary or equivalent education level

Duties & responsibilities

  • Prepare parts/items medical records and established order for all new patients
  • Retrieve medical records
  • Retrieve medical record for registered patient
  • Retrieve of medical record upon request
  • Retrieve of medical record for appointment cases
  • Handle returns of medical records from A&E, HSC, SOC and wards
  • Filing medical records in according to the format as stated in Medical Records Department’s Quality Procedure and Work Instructions titled Filing system and Arrangement of Medical Records (Document no. WI-MRD-005)
  • Distribute medical records to consultants clinic
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all medical records
  • Fully responsibility for individual task that assigned from time to time

Other duties

  • Assemble outpatient and inpatient medical records content into establish order
  • Housekeeping and separation of active and inactive medical records
  • Handle medical reports application
  • Other clerical support like:
    • Answer phone calls and enquiries
    • Photocopy of medical report and investigation results