Job summary

The Nurse Educator holds a teaching / leadership position within Nursing Services and the hospital operations. As educator, he/she is responsible for executing training/educational programs for Nursing Services and where required for the hospital, working collaboratively with fellow educators, managers, physicians and other members of the healthcare team towards fulfilment of nursing/hospital vision, mission, goals and objectives. He/she plays a supportive role in facilitating educational processes through assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of competency assessment, continuing education and leadership development. He/she will be jointly accountable for the clinical performance outcomes of nurses in the hospital. In addition, he/she practices within the realm of the profession’s ethical and legal frameworks, conversant with medico-legal matters whilst adhering to nursing/hospital policies, procedures and guidelines.


  • Bachelor in Nursing or Advanced Diploma in Nursing / Post Basic Certification if available
  • 23 years in experienced Clinical Teaching

Statutory requirement

  • Registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board
  • Valid Annual Practicing Certificate

Duties & responsibilities

Education Coordinator:

  • Identify core training/educational programs, privileging and credentialing activities, specific courses and continuing nursing education for the different levels of staff
  • Collaborate with fellow Nurse Educators, Managers and Clinicians to conduct training needs analysis for Nursing Services staff; assess staff learning and competency gaps; identify learning outcomes
  • Create / review a 6 monthly/yearly master training plan for Nursing Services; oversee and facilitate its implementation
  • Plan and develop training/educational programs for staff orientation, induction, continuing education and career progression; ensure training/programs are congruent with and fulfill nursing/hospital vision, mission, goals and objectives

Educator role:

  • Conduct/facilitate teaching activities as assigned; be a role model of professional behavior; empower staff with the right attitude, skills and knowledge to achieve excellence
  • Identifies and evaluates instructional/teaching materials/content in all types of media and format; adjust content and teaching strategies appropriate to leaner
  • Adjust/develop teaching content; ensures consistency with nursing/hospital policies and procedures; adopts best practices; collaborate with others as required

Provide specialty care (for Educators with Post Basic Certification):

  • Act as a resource person for the specific specialty
  • Perform advanced skills specific to the specialty
  • Privilege nurses, enabling their performance of the specialized skills
  • Develop/review relevant policies/procedures of that specialty
  • Develop/review relevant clinical practice guidelines with specialty physician
  • Conduct structured patient/family education

General duties:

  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with fellow Nurse Educators, Managers and Clinicians, Physicians and various members of the healthcare team to iron out and resolve work-related issues; engage in healthy dialogue and maintain professionalism in dealings
  • Act as a resource person for staff to seek information, guidance and support
  • Respond, assist and support staff in emergencies or code(s) activation
  • Perform role of a Nursing Coordinator (NS-CO) as assigned/scheduled
  • Actively participate in meetings, nursing and interdisciplinary committees and contribute positively towards meeting specific goals and objectives

Other duties

  • Any other duties as assigned from time to time