Job summary

The Nurse Manager holds a management/leadership position within Nursing Services and hospital operations. As Officer in-Charge (OIC) of ward/unit, he/she is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and evaluating the activities and processes within the assigned ward/unit, working collaboratively with fellow managers, educators, physicians and other members of the healthcare team in line with the hospital/nursing vision, mission, goals and objectives. As a role-model of professional behaviour, he/she facilitates and supports development of the bedside nurse and fosters empowerment with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge achieving excellence through delivery of evidence-based and best nursing practices. He/she will be held accountable for the performance outcomes of the ward/unit. In addition, he/she practices within the realm of the profession’s ethical and legal frameworks, conversant with medico-legal matters whilst adhering to nursing/hospital policies, procedures and guidelines.


  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Bachelor in Nursing or Advanced Diploma in Nursing / Post Basic Certification if available
  • Certification in Education if available

Statutory requirement

  • Registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board
  • Valid Annual Practicing Certificate

Duties & responsibilities

Staff management:

  • Manages staff within the nursing unit; establish two-way, trusting, open and positive relations; strengthen relationships; help staff understand their roles and responsibilities in line with the hospital/nursing vision, mission, goals and objectives; create a positive and cooperative image of nursing
  • Supervise, coach and guide staff to be effective and efficient in delivery of patient care and management of the ward/unit activities and processes
  • Foster staff personal and professional development; identify and groom staff ready for next level responsibilities; assist and manage staff incidences/ grievances; encourage and facilitate staff pursuance in job enlargement/expansion in career
  • Conduct regular ward/unit meeting with staff; communicate nursing and hospital updates; help staff understand, overcome and adapt to changes
  • Establish appropriate lines of communication for staff within the ward/unit, Nursing Services and other departments; build rapport and maintain a cooperative relationship with members of the healthcare team
  • Maintain a safe, clean and healthy workplace; enlist assistance from various personnel

Patient care management:

  • Manage the daily operations of the ward/unit according to nursing and hospital policies and procedures aimed at achieving optimal patient care; advocate patient-centered care
  • Execute the standards of care designated for the ward/unit and assist in directing and guiding staff in the follow through of the Nursing Process APIE (Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) framework; adopts evidence-based and best nursing practices
  • Establish and maintain high standards of patient care by supervision, coaching and personal example; assist and support staff where required
  • Equip staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively carry out patient care activities; help staff understand and execute the aspects of patient care assigned
  • Checks in with all patients to find out their well-being and resolve any issues raised; attends to patient/family feedback; collaborates with patients’ immediate family/significant or other hospital personnel where required; maintain patient/family confidence with care rendered
  • Ensure patient and/or immediate family are kept informed of patient’s condition, progress and treatment plan; initiate/facilitate where necessary
  • Coordinate activities of staff with other hospital personnel; accompany physicians on rounds and ensure that physician’s orders are carried out; ensure that care and treatment plans are fulfilled, charts and documentation are completed

Financial management:

  • Manage and monitor the ward/unit expenditure and use of resources (equipment, supplies, materials etc.) towards cost-effectiveness whilst maintaining high standards of patient care
  • Prepares an annual equipment and facility budget submission with input from relevant users, nursing and department heads
  • Monitor stock balances; indent and ensure availability of supplies; ensures input of relevant procedure or personnel charges in the system; conduct regular stock take exercises
  • Check, authorize and submit staff time, claim sheets

Ward/unit management:

  • Have oversight of key happenings in the ward/unit; investigates and problem-solves incidences and unusual occurrences; assist staff with the necessary reports and documentation; report/escalate matters to nursing or department heads
  • Initiate and participate in infection control and quality improvement activities; ensure necessary supervision and implementation of recommended improvement activities; monitors and analyze quality indicators and audits
  • Maintain and submit required ward/unit records, reports and data for administrative purposes; analyze reports and data; ensure compliance with established hospital policies, procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental and infection control
  • Ensure availability and safety of equipment and ward/unit facilities, collaborating with facility management and support service staff where required; follow-up progress

Provide specialty care (for Managers with Post Basic Certification):

  • Act as a resource person for the specific specialty
  • Perform advanced skills specific to the specialty
  • Privilege nurses, enabling their performance of the specialized skills
  • Develop/review relevant policies/procedures of that specialty
  • Develop/review relevant clinical practice guidelines with specialty physician
  • Conduct structured patient/family education
  • Conduct staff training/updates related to the specialty

General duties:

  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with fellow Nurse Educators, Managers and Clinicians, Physicians and various members of the healthcare team to iron out and resolve work-related issues; engage in healthy dialogue and maintain professionalism in dealings
  • Act as a resource person for staff to seek information, guidance and support
  • Respond, assist and support staff in emergencies or code(s) activation
  • Perform role of a Nursing Coordinator (NS-CO) as assigned/scheduled
  • Actively participate in meetings, nursing and interdisciplinary committees and contribute positively towards meeting specific goals and objectives
  • Lead or be active members of specific committee, task or project work group
  • Assist in the review/creation of nursing/hospital policies and procedures
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient, staff and hospital information; uphold integrity, observe sensitivity of information; share only with those authorized
  • Role-model and promotes concept of life-long learning; maintains required educational and/or clinical competence; keep current by attending relevant trainings, workshop, talks, conferences or seminars
  • Performs or assist with discipline or unit specific clinical procedures following completion of post-basic training and/or relevant privileging and credentialing process outlined by Nursing Services; be a clinical resource person
  • Collaborate with the nursing education team to conduct educational topics to internal/ external nurses, healthcare providers and/or public; partake in community outreach activities
  • Undertake additional assignment/task assigned by DON