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Comprehensive Care

We offer various high-quality, comprehensive medical care elements, every day a step forward from diagnosis to treatment.


Our hospital provides a breadth of expertise with a determination to make your medical journey better.


We have grown to be one of the most comprehensive hospitals in the south, with high surgical workloads.

Our milestones

A reminder of ambition, yet maintaining a humbleness to define healthcare, our journey began in 2009 has brought us to where we are when it comes to taking several steps forward.

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    Our hospital received its MSQH accreditation in 2012 for maintaining high standards of healthcare following guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.

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The preferred choice for insurance agents

Trust is the foundation of the relationship between providers and patients. Quality patient care can’t be achieved if patients don’t trust providers or other staff members. Offering great confidence, here at Regency Specialist Hospital, we understand the need to set ourselves apart from others by not only providing excellent service but also a heightened sense of trust in what we do through:

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    We offer insurance providers ease of access to our services for every appointment, hospitalisation, readmission and emergency department visits through a designated contact person-in-charge.

    To ensure the best service, our designated staff is accessible via phone call, Whatsapp and email for your convenience.

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