The Malaysia Healthcare Experience

In Malaysia, healthcare packages are custom made to provide an end-to-end seamless experience – from the point of receiving patient’s inquiries from their home countries, right up to their arrival, having the treatment and journeying home.

Malaysia Healthcare is a total package, which encompasses the high levels of quality care, excellence in peripheral services, such as transportation, logistics, hospitality and all the other elements that makes Malaysia world renowned.
Malaysia Healthcare’s unique end-to-end seamless healthcare travel service distinguishes us from our regional competitors. It is a promise that quality care is placed along every point of the way from pre-treatment right up to post-care ensuring the healthcare travellers’ peace of mind.

Regency Specialist Hospital is proud to be part of the Malaysia Healthcare ecosystem. Together with the Government ministries and agencies, we work side-by-side towards providing excellence in service as an all-rounded travel destination.

Together we work towards a common goal; to help Malaysia Healthcare reach its optimum potential as the ultimate healthcare destination of the world.

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