Together at RSH,
We put patients first

Join us and be part of the family to make an impact to the community we serve.

We commit to create a RSH Experience where our patients feel safe, engaged and cared for.

Our core values of Compassion, Competence and Collaboration guide us in all we do and provide the foundation for us to deliver our unique RSH experience.

Our Work Culture



We respect and treat everyone as family members – encouraging, lifting and supporting one another.



We seek continuous improvement and are empowered to build knowledge and skills to overcome challenges. We foster grit and positivity.



We work as one – across teams and geographical boundaries. We think and act win-win.

Our Teams


Allied Health

Management & Administration


Here, nursing is more than a job, it’s a calling to heal and help our patients to a brighter and healthier future. Nurses are the cornerstone of our hospital, playing a key role in the patient experience and recovery.

Our reputation for nursing excellence is founded on our resilience training and our longstanding tradition of upgrading our nurses’ skillsets. We believe that continuous investment in our people ensures our nurses stay motivated, focused on our patients and are able to grow their assessment, planning and implementation skills in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Our Allied Health team is an integral member of our care team. Seeing patients recover and regain their independence to lead a fulfilling life in the community – that is the goal, joy and satisfaction for our Allied Health team.

The team provides a wide range of health services, across Food & Nutrition, Therapy, Pharmacy, Radiology, Speech Therapy and Medical Laboratory. Our allied health team members are empowered to make independent assessment and decisions while being equipped with a continuous learning approach that allows them to upskill their technical skills and deepen their patient care knowledge.

The Management and Administration team are non-clinical professionals performing vital hospital functions such as human resources, finance, technology and communications. Despite their non-clinical backgrounds, they contribute to the delivery of patient care through their compassion for patients, their respective competencies and working collaboratively with other teams.

Our vibrant multidisciplinary team is focused on achieving process improvement, quality, cost management, service and care outcomes – ensuring that we not only offer the best care today but plan for what is to come in healthcare tomorrow.

Our Operations team ensure Regency runs well, efficiently and smoothly for the benefits of our patients. From ensuring the security of our patients to providing nutritious inpatient meals, this team fulfills key roles behind the seamless Regency’s patient experience.

Security officers, chefs, patient service officers, porters – these are just some of the roles that make up Operations. Through their partnership with the other teams, a focus on doing things right by patients and putting patient needs first, they bring our core values to life for every visitor to our hospital.