Our Hospital

Regency Specialist Hospital (“Regency”), founded in 2009, is a fast-growing private hospital in Malaysia with 218-bed capacity serving around 170,000 patients annually. Located 15 minutes from the Singapore-Woodlands checkpoint and Johor Bahru city centre, Regency has more than 80 specialists across a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines. Regency has a 24-hour Emergency & Trauma Centre with emergency specialists on duty round the clock.

Regency has begun work on a new hospital extension block which will more than double existing capacity with additional inpatient beds, clinical services, operating theatres and medical suites. Upon its completion, Regency will become a 380-bed tertiary hospital with the capacity to expand to 500 beds.

Regency, along with its sister hospital Mahkota Medical Centre in Melaka, are part of Health Management International Ltd (HMI Group).

About Regency hospital building

Our Vision

To be the leading comprehensive care hospital in South-East Asia by bringing together the most competent medical capabilities from within and outside of our hospital.


Our Mission

To deliver highest quality of care to our patients by empowering and encouraging our people to work together in the best interest of our patients.


We understand the feelings of our patients and respond with genuine care and concern


We have the knowledge, skills and the commitment to act efficiently in the best interest of our patients


We work with one another seamlessly across levels, departments and organizations to best serve patient needs