1. MySejahtera (Effective 1st May 2022)
    MySejahtera check-in is not required prior entering hospital, but COVID-19 risk status in MySejahtera shall be checked. Temperature scanning is on voluntary basis.
  2. Patient Admission (Effective 9th May 2022)
    • All patient admission for local and international patients:
      • Required to undergo at least supervised RTK-Ag.
      • Patients with fever or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, shall be required to undergo at least Professional RTK-Ag or Rapid molecular.
  3. Surgical Management (Effective 9th May 2022)
    • Patients scheduled for elective surgery cases shall undergo COVID-19 test within 24-36 hours of surgery and their movements shall be limited.
      Procedure Test Required
      General Anesthesia and /or Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) Surgery RTK-Ag Professional
      Local anesthesia or non-AGP Procedure / Surgery Supervised Saliva Test

      Note: Suggest to repeat RTK-Ag testing after 5 days from admission or earlier in below situations:

      • Patient develop new onset of symptoms.
      • Household contact COVID-19 positive.
      • Plan of referral/transfer of patient to other hospital for operation purposes.
    • Timing of elective surgery after recovery from COVID-19 as below:
      Description Suggested wait time Remark
      Elective surgeries or procedures for post COVID-19 infection 7 weeks If before 7 weeks, potential risks and complications shall be clearly determined and informed to patients.
      Where feasible, for asymptomatic or mild infections scheduled after the deisolation period of 10 days
      Moderate to severe infection or immunocompromised patients scheduled after the deisolation period of 20 days

      Note: Adopted from Guideline: Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists as of 19 March 2022

  4. International Patients/Health Travelers (Effective 9th May 2022)
    • International Patient/Health Travelers shall adhere to below MOH guideline:

    Note: Admission as per respective department

  5. Caregiver and Visitor Policy (Effective 9th May 2022)
    Ward Visitor /Caregiver No of Pax Duration Notes
    General Wards (Adult/Paeds) Caregiver One caregiver Entire duration of stay End of life care:

    • Two visitors at a time based on individual circumstances
    • Encourage to perform RTK-Ag self -test within 24 hours prior to visitation
    Visitors Two visitors During visiting hours
    ICU Visitors Two visitors During visiting hours
    L&D Companion One companion Entire duration of active Labour N/A


    1. Caregiver is required to undergo supervised RTK-Ag prior entering ward. Validity of COVID-19 test is 7 days from the date of test done. Caregiver can bring own test kit or purchase from retail pharmacy or registration counter at A&E (after 5pm).
    2. Visitor:
      • Only two (2) visitors per visit are allowed and they must be fully vaccinated. Children below 12 years and elderly are not encouraged to visit.
      • Visitors are required to show proof of negative COVID-19 self-test in the last 24 hours.
      • Visiting hour: 12noon – 2pm
      • For Outpatient, only 2 companions are allowed