Risks of untreated common sports injuries

Athletes suffer multiple injuries in their respective sports, but many are unaware that certain injuries may affect the body in the longer-term if not properly treated during the early stages. As common the injuries are, some require constant care and upkeep, which is important for athletes that they reduce the risks of sabotaging their own bodies (and possibly their sports career).

Stress fractures are the most common sports injuries that can worsen if not managed properly. As it ranges from a tiny crack to severe bruising on the bones, it can lead to larger, harder-to-heal fractures if not medically treated earlier. It may cause discomfort and limited movement of the fractured area. An athlete who has suffered an old fracture is also more likely exposed to another fracture.

When it comes to knee injuries, an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is one of the more common ones. Depending on the severity of the injury, it may include rehabilitation exercises to help regain strength and surgery to replace the torn ligament. Neglecting rest and strengthening may lead to one having to undergo multiple surgeries, in which the chances of injuries will increase due to not being able to recover the original strength of the ligament.

All blows to the head in sports, including any forceful shaking of the area, should be taken seriously. Athletes should be immediately taken for medical attention in this case as it could be a sign of concussion, which is classified as a mild traumatic brain injury. If left untreated, concussions can lead to varied health issues including eye pain, blurry vision, memory loss, balance issues, epilepsy, brain swelling which can lead to stroke and more.

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