Importance of Health Screenings

Everyone has heard about health screenings but not everyone goes for them. If you have a healthy diet, live a healthy lifestyle and most importantly feel healthy, why would you spend the better part of a day going to your health provider when that time could be spent doing more valuable things.

Even though you might be living healthy, diseases could still inflict you and here are the 6 reasons why health screenings are the best way to ensure better outcomes if you do unfortunately contract any disease.

Tips to be active at home

  • Health isn’t just healthiness

While a healthy diet and an active lifestyle does significantly reduce the risk of contracting diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer, sadly, an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away and you can still contract diseases like lung cancer or type 2 diabetes regardless of your lifestyle choices. Thus regardless of how active you are or how many vegetables you eat, you should never assume that you are completely healthy.

  • Disease might not mean symptoms

While diseases like influenza or skin cancer are accompanied by clear observable symptoms, many other cancers and diseases often go unnoticed in the early stage and the onset of symptoms could signify the advancing of the disease.

  • Early outcomes are always better

Diseases like cancer or high blood pressure could potentially be harmless if discovered early, and the ease of treatment in the early stages leads to a higher probability of success. On the other hand, if these same diseases are allowed to fester and spread, success rates of treatment fall significantly, resulting in worse outcomes for the patient.

  • No one’s immune to disease

Just because you were healthy in a previous checkup does not mean that you would always be healthy. Health conditions could develop after your previous screening and hence regular screening is vital in ensuring that potential life threatening diseases can be detected and treated when they are still in the early stage

  • Disease risk increases with age

Regardless of your lifestyle and your health in your youth, the older you get, the higher the tendency of contracting disease. Depending on your gender, your age and your family background, your risk of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer could be amplified and hence it is crucial to attend the necessary health screenings when you grow older.

  • It’s better to be safe than sick

While it is true that discovering you have a disease could bring about anxiety and stress, anyone would agree that it is better to be anxious about a disease that is treatable than to be unaware of a potentially fatal cancer developing while you live in ignorance.

Health screenings take up time but they can potentially be life-saving if an early stage of cancer or heart failure is detected. Regency's Executive Health Screening Centre is well equipped with the facilities and healthcare professionals to provide you with the best care possible.

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