Improve fertility among man

Family planning is considered the utmost responsibility in life for couples, especially those who wish to become parents. Whether the parents have decided to try to conceive, or they have been trying for a long time, the control over being pregnant not only falls on the female parent but also the male parent. In many cases, male infertility issues are the cause for parents not being able to get pregnant. However, simple changes in lifestyle and other ways can help increase male fertility and improve sperm health.

Eating habits

Mothers are not the only ones who need nutrients – the fathers need it too. Men need antioxidant-rich foods such as walnuts, watermelon, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables and more. They also need lots of vitamins C and E, zinc and folic acid to boost sperm quality, which can be found in lean proteins, beans, and others. Moderation is still important, and it is advised to avoid certain food such as soy foods and fatty processed meats that can reduce semen concentration. Soy intake, especially, needs to be limited.

Regular sex

This may be an obvious one, but having sex regularly is key to improving sperm count. Having sex around the time of ovulation is the best way to conceive, but having frequent sex throughout the month can also boost fertility. Prolonged abstinence – cutting back on sex – has a negative impact in conception and actually decreases sperm mobility and appearance.

Smoking & drinking

Quitting smoking and drinking is healthier for the body, but it is also beneficial for increasing fertility. Prolonged smoking and too much alcohol can affect many aspects of sperm health, including sperm counts, sperm motility, and sperm shape, not to mention affecting the performance in the bedroom. The combinations of these habits are harmful to male fertility.

High temperature

Heat is necessary, but in the process of conceiving, it is important that the male reproductive organs are steered clear of it. Consistent heat that can raise men’s body temperature temporarily can lead to decreased number and quality of sperm. It is important to have men avoid saunas, steam rooms, long, hot baths and hot tubs. Even prolonged sitting is also harmful for sperm health.

Healthy body weight

It may take longer for women who are overweight to get pregnant compared to those who are at a normal BMI (Body, Mass, Index), but men who are overweight are also prone to having fertility problems. Being overweight, or even underweight, can upset the body’s balance of hormones, which may lead to lower sperm counts. Men should aim for a healthy weight in order to balance sperm count.

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