The needs to learn about men's health

Men are generally content with their health compared to women, although they are more likely to go through unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking. There are other factors that contribute to the decline in men’s health as well including risky work habits, lack of awareness and the tendency to not seek help when necessary. In order to have a healthy personal lifestyle and wellness, men are often encouraged to learn about health issues that they are prone to be exposed to.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease remains the world’s leading cause of death, with COVID-19 itself worsening the symptoms. The pandemic has brought on bad eating habits and decreased exercise, with men and women at risk for high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Men, however, have a higher risk of having heart diseases, especially over the age 45. Hypertension is happening frequently in younger men as well, with major risk factors all present such as smoking, obesity, diabetes and physical inactivity.

Smoking & drinking

Besides being the main factor in heart attacks, smoking and drinking among men also leads to liver disease. The symptoms of liver failure generate slowly and silently which makes it harder to detect, making men more at risk when they consume high amounts of alcohol. Smoking, on the other hand, may lead to lung disease. As the habit of smoking is more prevalent amongst men compared to women, it can cause lung cancer, emphysema and other respiratory diseases. Men’s occupational hazards such as exposure to asbestos also contribute to lung disease.

Prostate health

Another important issue among men is regarding colon and prostate health. Typically considered a disease for older men, it can also occur in younger men. Most prostate cancer can be managed if detected earlier, but it develops slowly and can only be managed effectively once diagnosed. For prostate issues, there is also erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons why men develop this syndrome, which can be treated by seeking medical advice.

Mental health

Mental wellness for men is often neglected. Many men experience difficulties communicating their feelings that may lead to them developing anxiety and depression. Men are less likely to acknowledge the seriousness of their situation and usually carry on, hiding their feelings rather than discussing their problems. Men who are suffering from depression, including thoughts of suicide, is one of the main concerns for men’s health that needs to be addressed.

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