Belly fat

Having some fat in the belly area is normal. Having too much belly fat may be harmful to health and increase the risk of developing certain chronic diseases. Fat in the body serves to protect and insulate the body; therefore keeping the body fat at a healthy level is crucial.

Types of belly fat

There are two types of belly fat:

  • Subcutaneous belly fat
    Found under the skin. Unlike the fat found deeper in the abdominal cavity, it is not strongly linked to increased disease risk. Women have greater amounts of subcutaneous fat than men.
  • Visceral belly fat
    Fat that surrounds internal organs such as kidneys, liver and pancreas. It is deeper in the abdomen and contains more cells, blood vessels, and nerves compared to subcutaneous fat. It is commonly referred to as “harmful” belly fat.

Determining the type of bellies is also important in burning belly fat.

Lose belly fat

Depending on the kind of tummy, one can eliminate the excess fat accordingly:

  • Stress belly
    An outcome of stress, which is due to one under immense mental pressure. This leads to an increase in cortisol levels, causing an increase in one’s appetite and cravings for sweet, fatty and salty foods. By resorting to meditation and yoga practices, one can reduce the level of stress and anxiety.
  • Hormonal belly
    Result of an imbalance of hormones. Many hormonal changes and irregularities can cause sudden weight gain and excess belly fat. One has to maintain hormonal harmony to avoid belly fat by reducing unhealthy foods and making regular visits to their physician.
  • Low belly
    Occurs when a person’s upper body is slimmer than their lower abdominal region. This is often due to one’s routine of sedentary behaviour or when one is prone to digestive issues. Investing in fibre-rich foods is beneficial in this case, including drinking plenty of water and consuming green vegetables.
  • Bloated belly
    Happens due to a bad diet or allergies to certain foods. Acidity and indigestion can also be the cause. By exercising regularly, one can reduce bloated belly. This also includes a good diet that involves less fizzy drinks and small portions of food.
  • Mommy belly
    Happen towards women who give birth, who might take some time to lose belly fat post-pregnancy. After giving birth, one should take plenty of rest and eat healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and avocados.
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