Early detection is key in the fight against breast cancer, and getting screened regularly can help ensure any potential issues are caught early, when they're most treatable.

5 steps to detecting breast cancer early:

  • Practice routine exams to check if there is any lumps or cysts or changes in skin texture or any discharge
  • Understand your risks and family history
  • Visit your doctor regularly for annual exam
  • Know when to get a mammogram screening or test
  • Follow up after a screening test

Whether you are due for your annual exam or need to talk to our healthcare providers, Regency Specialist Hospital is here to help you take charge of your health. Talk to us to determine your breast cancer risk factors to develop the best screening plan for you.

Digital Mammogram

Digital Mammogram

Package Price : RM358

  • Complimentary Ovarian Cancer Screening (CA-125 Blood Test)
  • Report review

Valid from 1st July 2023 to 31st December 2024.

Terms and Conditions apply.


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