Quick Health Risk Assessment

Find out about your health risks through health screening. Regular health screening makes early detection possible.The Quick Health Risk Assessment includes a list of tests and diabetes screening:

  • Haematology full blood count
    To evaluate your overall health condition and detect potential health disorders
  • Renal function test
    To evaluate how well your kidneys are working
  • Liver function test
    To evaluate and monitor liver disease or damage
  • Blood grouping
    To determine your blood group
  • Lipid profile
    To evaluate and monitor for cardiovacular disease
  • Urine test
    To detect and manage health disorders like urinary tract infection, kidney damage and diabetes
  • Diabetes screening
    To evaluate and monitor glucose levels and manage diabetes
  • Physical examination
    To determine your general health condition


Download the details here.

Terms & conditions

Report explanation by our doctor will provide more information about your health condition.

Important Notice:
Please fast 8 hours before the health screening appointment.

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