Regency is the first hospital in Johor Bahru to be approved by Ministry of Health, Singapore, for the use of MediSave overseas for approved hospitalisation and day surgeries.

Singapore patients who wish to use their MediSave in Regency must be referred through Health Management International (HMI)’s MediSave-accredited referral centre at StarMed Specialist Centre in Singapore, where pre-admission clinical assessment and financial counselling will be provided.


What is MediSave?

Please refer to the Singapore Ministry of Health’s website for complete information:

What is the maximum limit for my MediSave expenditure in Malaysia?

You are able to spend the same MediSave limit as that in Singapore, subject to your selection of the types of treatments and/or surgical procedures.

Generally, MediSave covers up to SGD450 per day for inpatient hospitalisation and/or a fixed maximum limit per table of surgical procedures. The latter varies between SGD250 and SGD7,550, depending on the specific types of procedures selected.

What are the MediSave-applicable procedures and/or treatments overseas?

  1. Procedures done for day surgery
  2. Medically necessary hospitalisation for medical and surgical treatment


Who can use MediSave?

  1. Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) who normally reside in Singapore;
  2. Immediate family members such as spouse, parents or children of Singaporeans and PRs who normally reside in Singapore. These family numbers must be Singaporeans/PRs who normally reside in Singapore;
  3. Grandparents of Singaporeans and PRs who normally reside in Singapore, if these grandparents are also Singaporeans/PRs who normally reside in Singapore


How can I use MediSave in Regency?

  1. MediSave-eligible patients can call our patient service consultant at 6334 7283 or email to arrange for an appointment at Mahkota or Regency to consult the specialist and obtain a referral letter.
  2. Patient goes to Mahkota or Regency to consult the specialists and obtain referral letter which contains the following details:
    1. Name of surgery
    2. Cost of surgery
    3. Estimated days stay
  3. Upon receiving the referral letter, patient will arrange for an appointment with the patient services consultant at HMI Patient Service Centre (“HMI PSC”) to:
    1. Obtain comprehensive briefing about the administrative procedure and financial related information
    2. Obtain financial consultation on the estimated bill size and MediSave claim amount
    3. Obtain referral letter from the doctor at HMI PSC
    4. Sign the Financial Counselling Form
    5. Place a 70% deposit for treatment
  4. Patient goes to Mahkota or Regency for treatment. Post-discharge, the patient services consultant at HMI PSC will help with the necessary MediSave submissions.

Important Note:

Approval of any MediSave claim(s) is subject to Ministry of Health, Singapore.

For more information on MediSave, please visit

Here to help you in your MediSave-usage in Regency Specialist Hospital

HMI Patient Service Centre

Located in Singapore, our one-stop service centre connects you to the two HMI hospitals in Malaysia through:

  • Medical Referral and Appointment Booking
  • MediSave and Financial Counselling
  • MediSave claims and follow-up care

Contact us at:

Find us at:

HMI Patient Service Centre @ StarMed Specialist Centre
12 Farrer Park Station Rd, #05-01, Singapore 217565


Regency Specialist Hospital

Located in thriving Iskandar Malaysia, Regency is a 218-bed capacity hopsital with 70 specialists and sees over 170,000 patients a year. It is a private hospital with 24-hour A&E manned by emergency specialists.

Established in 2009, Regency is rapidly expanding. The hopsital is conveniently located 15 minutes away from Woodlands causeway and is approved for Singapore MediSave use.

With Hands that treat, Hearts that heal, Regency envisions to be the leading comprehensive care hospital in Southeast Asia.

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