Mental health

Every aspect of our life requires the need for both physical and mental strength. Athletes, businesspeople and many accomplished individuals have attributed their success to having a mental edge. Having a healthy sanity is often ignored in favour of better physicality, but no matter how tough the body is, we can overcome anything with strong willpower and mental stability. Therefore, the path to our health and happiness lies in the wellbeing of our state of mind.

Men's mental health

Men’s mental health, however, is often overlooked when discussing common mental health. It is a topic many are uncomfortable discussing even though it takes a significant toll on their lives. Every year we celebrate International Men’s Day to create awareness that men’s mental health is also important to be addressed alongside women’s, where there should be positive conversations about wellbeing of boys and men, masculinity and manhood. There would be significant influences on their lives by having men talk about their issues without being judged.

For starters, men need to share their thoughts and feelings with others. They need to allow themselves to be comfortable sharing their human side, besides being the ‘strong alpha male’ and ‘breadwinner’ of their family. Traditional gender roles may seem harmless in the beginning, but it does affect lots of men who are expected to behave a certain way and show masculine traits further in life. Men need to know that it is healthy to start opening up to their family and friends.

Hobby for the betterment of mind

It also helps to get a hobby. Having a hobby sounds simple and easy, but men are often too busy with work and family that they ignore having time for themselves. They feel like there is less time to pursue their hobbies or passion, which is the opposite as these outlets become powerful tools to cope with stress and provide the mind a chance to refocus. Whether it is playing a musical instrument or refurbishing the backyard, it does help men grow personally and find mental relaxation in the midst of their busy lives.

Physical wellbeing

Men’s mental health also relates to physical wellbeing, which is no surprise that exercise and outdoor or indoor activities aid in improving mental balance. The simplest of activities such as 5-10 minute walk or a good cardio workout can induce chemical reactions in the brains for a healthier response. This can prevent men from falling into depression and significantly boost their mood.

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